Monday, May 4, 2009

Toll House

I was on fire today. Hit the ground running this Monday morning... walked the dog, did the laundry, and got to the heart of this matter we call "crap management." That is, I took advantage of the kids being at school and "decluttered." (Ahem.) Then, feeling just a tad guilty, I quickly tossed the evidence (bulging trash bags) in the garbage can & made them cookies. Hope you're taking notes, 'cuz all I heard after school today was, "You're the best Mom ever!!"


PG said...

good stuff, and of course you know I am a fan of Toll House cookies, what with the Toll House Restaurant bellman gracing the banner of my site.

Ms Mgt said...

Well, of course! Frankly, I wouldn't trust anyone who isn't a fan of the Toll House cookie...That's just not right.