Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hit and Run

That's road rash. Apologies if it grosses you out.
Yesterday, we were snapped out of our big-boy reverie by a phone call from the school nurse...She reported that Prince Firstly was OK, but he had been clipped by a car while riding his bike to school, and was a little banged up. The driver did not stop. We are most grateful that this minor scrape, plus another on his knee, is the extent of his injuries.
So, just in time for summer, here's my soapbox message: Make sure you and your kids know how to ride your bikes safely. Wear helmets. And if you are driving...do I really need to say it? Pay attention. No texting or emailing. Share the road. Helmets are optional.


Lisa said...

I am happy your son is okay. But what I really want to know . . . is there room on your soap box for me. I am so sick and tired of people doing everything in their car BUT driving. Do they really need to be reading? applying make-up? texting? talking on the phone? Then they don't even see the kid they knocked off his bike??? Seriously!

Ms Mgt said...

Plenty of room, welcome to the soapbox!
I'm with you. Seriously.