Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cindy's Garden

Yesterday being Memorial Day, I had wanted to include these poppies...but the photos I took in the midday sun looked like they came from Mars. So I returned early this morning, to try again.

I'm including this extra because everyone needs a friend like Cindy, who knows how to grow stuff. Already, her garden is overflowing with plants like these mustardy greens, which start to glow when the sun peeks over the fence. And she doesn't even mind when I show up early in the morning to kneel in her compost and take photos of it all.


Ms Mgt said...

In case anyone (like you, Mom) noticed...I changed the first photo. It was bugging me. Swapped it out for a different one, taken the same day. Feels a little bit like cheating, but whose blog is it, anyway...?

Anonymous said...

I noticed....I like them both! Blog on..

PG said...

there are no project 365 police (that i have run into yet at least) so the swap out is cool. laughed at the midday photo being from mars. midday is so brutal. unfortunately it's the time that I usually find myself most available to shoot. Might be why I usually shooting something late at night too.

nice shots.