Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Self Portrait or Management Tool?


I was working on another plan for today's photo, when PG tagged me with this self-portrait challenge:

As soon as you learn you have been tagged to play, you take a photo right away, no cleaning up, no primping, no preening. Just grab the camera and shoot. No cleaning up the photo in post either.

To be honest, I was actually working on this Fribble in the Friendly's parking lot when I got tagged... But, I needed its creamy mocha frozen goodness today - for many reasons, not least of which is it's 90 degrees out there! Is it a self-portrait? Or just another tool in the Crap Manager's arsenal? I say: it's both!

So, who's up next...? I tag Rupe!


PG said...

I'll let it slide I guess. :-)

I could use a fribble about now.

Headed out to Target in a couple minutes, maybe I'll get a frozen coke when I am checking out.

Ruprecht said...

The Efforts Of Rupe will reveal itself on the morrow.

Ruprecht said...

Done and done.

bubbajambs said...

Hi there. I just love the pictures and the idea of one-a-day picture posts. You have a new fan here. Thank you!!

Ms Mgt said...

Thanks for dropping by, Alfred!